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Hugh Jackman Breaks His ‘Wolverine’ Diet With Jimmy Fallon

The actor gets spoon-fed the ultimate cheat meal by the ‘Tonight Show’ host

Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Jackman was able to enjoy a bowl of fettuccine prepared by Mario Batali.

For 17 years, Australian actor Hugh Jackman has played the role of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine, also known as Logan, in the X-Men franchise. And through nearly two decades, ten films, and a lot of shirtless scenes, Jackman has stuck to a strict diet in order to look the part — until now. To celebrate the release of Jackman’s last Wolverine film, Logan, on March 3, the actor took to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to celebrate.

Last week, Jackman appeared on the NBC show and indulged in a giant bowl of pasta created by chef Mario Batali, along with a generous amount of wine.

On the show, Jackman said that the Wolverine diet consisted of boiled chicken, broccoli, and cauliflower.

"It's not like I never had a cheat meal, 'cause I did," Jackman said. "But for 17 years, I've kind of known, 'Well, next year, you gotta get into shape...' It kind of puts a bit of a damper on things."

At the end of the segment, the trio toasted to the beginning of a new, potentially carb-filled, diet.

The actor also revealed that when he questioned continuing his role as Wolverine, he sought out advice from friend, actor, and comedian Jerry Seinfeld and asked why he ended his own hit series when he did.


"He was very clear," Jackman said. "He said, 'Look, when you're creating something, it's very important not to run yourself dry. It's not about finishing on top, necessarily, but making sure that you creatively still have something left, which propels you into whatever's next.' And as he was talking to me, I went home and I said [to my wife], 'Deb, this is it. This is the last one.'"