Here’s What Ivanka Trump Orders at Starbucks: You Know You’re Curious

One of the First Daughters was spotted ordering Starbucks at DuPont Circle: She’s a skinny vanilla latte girl

Wikimedia Commons

Forget for a minute about President Trump’s ongoing feud with former FBI Commissioner James Comey, or his controversial withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Let’s indulge for a moment and consider what Ivanka Trump (aka the eldest First Daughter) orders at Starbucks.

According to witnesses, during a recent visit to a Starbucks in Washington, D.C.’s DuPont Circle she apparently ordered “non-fat vanilla latte without whipped cream” and her code name was “Iva.” People were stunned that she actually goes out to get her own coffee, as opposed to having White House staff make it for her (or using a giant button on her desk like her dad does when he wants a Diet Coke).

Of course, people had plenty to say about Ivanka, her choice of wardrobe (a $35 dress from Target, surprisingly), and her coffee order. Huffington Post calls it the latest leg of her “Just Like Us” tour:

Refinery29 thinks the coffee order is emblematic of Ivanka’s personality: “…the milk makes us soft and palatable, so we don’t seem intimidating. Vanilla speaks to the soul of Ivanka — bland and boring and something you immediately regret ordering/putting your faith in.” Ouch.