Happy Opening Day! Best Ballpark Hot Dog Nationwide Crowned

And it’s one, two, three hot dogs with relish at the old ballgame!

It’s opening day for America’s greatest pastime (for most baseball teams), and what better way to celebrate than by sitting down in front of the TV — or at the ballpark — with a juicy hot dog? Whether you like yours New York-style with sauerkraut and mustard or Chicago-style with tomatoes and relish, hot dogs just naturally mix well with a good old-fashioned baseball game. Americans are on track to eat 18.5 million hot dogs at baseball games this year, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. We all have our favorites, but the council believes that they’ve found the nation’s number one ballpark hot dog.

After an extensive March Madness bracket, the Cleveland Indians’ classic Sugardale Dog has been crowned the best hot dog in baseball, relishing its victory against the Yankees’ Coney Island Nathan’s dog, and more unique franks like the Orioles’ crab mac n’ cheese dog and the Phillies’ cheesesteak dog. Second place went to the Texas Rangers’ Broomstick: a monster two-foot hot dog topped with sautéed onions, cheese, and chili.

“Indians fans clearly love their hot dog as they turned out in droves to vote,” said Eric Mittenthal, NHDSC vice president of public affairs. “It’s not only a classic dog, but the Indians also offer the local Bertman’s mustard to top it with, making for a perfect ballpark experience.”


Personally, in terms of sheer bulk and formidability, we don’t think that anyone can top the Krispy Kreme bacon-topped hot dog that’s sold by the Royals’ minor league team, but only the big leagues were invited to this bracket.