Gwyneth Paltrow Invested in José Andrés Vegetarian Fast Casual Eatery

The actress and GOOP founder is one of Andrés’ biggest investors for Beefsteak, his new vegetable-focused fast casual concept
Is this the new dream team of clean eating?

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Is this the new dream team of clean eating?

An unexpected financial investor has taken an interest in José Andrés. Hollywood A-lister and lean, green-plate-eating machine Gwyneth Paltrow is one of eight high-profile investors who have raised $9.25 million for the celebrity chef’s latest venture, Beefsteak, a healthy, plant-based casual eatery. Paltrow is reportedly a frequent visitor to Beefsteak, located in Dupont Circle in Washington, according to the Washington Post. Although financial particulars have not been disclosed, each party invested at least $100,000.

“She told me kind of jokingly, ‘José, if you need investors, let me know,’” Andrés tells The Post. “So I said, ‘Hey Gwynnie, now is the moment.’ This is more than an investment. It is a true belief that we are doing something good.”

So what will Paltrow and company’s funds be used for? According to Andrés, the money will be used to expand Beefsteak, which he plans to turn into a moderately sized chain. The next locations are duet to appear at University of Pennsylvania, as well as Tenleytown, another neighborhood in Washington D.C. Beefsteak is the celebrity chef and philanthropist’s first foray into casual dining.


Another celebrity friend who might dish out some dough for Beefsteak? MC Hammer. At this time, Andrés has no plans on changing Beefsteak’s slogan to “Meat: Can’t Touch This,” but one can dream.