This Guy Cooked Bacon by Shooting it With an M16 Assault Rifle

Competitive shooter Dustin Ellermann released a video tutorial on YouTube on how to cook bacon by firing a gun

This is possibly the most American thing we will see all week.

Do you want to emulate a living, breathing American stereotype? Perhaps you’re harboring a healthy love of guns, bacon, thrills, and shameless self-promotion on YouTube. Well, you’re in luck, because this guy made a video featuring all four. In a recent video tutorial, gun enthusiast Dustin Ellermann shows you how to cook bacon using an M16 assault rifle. Why? Because this is America, that’s why. And Americans have the freedom to do what they want (and cook their delicious fatty pork however they want).

Here’s the low-down on how to prepare bacon the way our forefathers intended: Ellermann wraps uncooked bacon around the barrel of his rifle, covers it with aluminum foil, and then cooks it by firing almost 90 rounds in a row.

The method, known as the “gun grill,” takes about three minutes to transform raw bacon into sizzling perfection. Perfectly cooked gun-smoked bacon is best accompanied by a cold glass of beer, a round of fist pumps, and declarations of “’Merica! Heck yeah!”


Ellermann’s follow-up video, the Red Jell-O Glock, follows a similar format… but why anyone would want to fire off a gelatin-covered gun is beyond our comprehension.