A Grande Affair to Remember: Barista Marries Former Customer at Starbucks

Yesterday dozens of well-wishers gathered at a Starbucks to witness two lovebirds tie the knot

It was love at first latte. 

He was a customer. She was a barista. Starbucks may seem like an unusual location to hold a wedding ceremony, but for Jeffrey Feldman and Christine Piccillo, it was the perfect place to seal the deal.

Feldman and Piccillo met four years ago when she was working as a barista at Starbucks. Feldman was one of her regular customers, and soon engaging conversation turned into dates, which transformed into something more serious. When they decided to make their relationship official, they thought, “what better place to tie the knot than at the place where we met?”The caffeinated couple held a wedding ceremony yesterday at the Starbucks where they found each other, in Franklin Township, New Jersey.

“My wedding gift to them was avoiding bad puns in the ceremony,” said Jonathan Elliot, a friend of the couple, who also officiated the wedding. “About 75 people showed up. It was definitely cozy quarters.”


Starbucks even gave the lovebirds a digital nod by retweeting the photo of their first kiss as a married couple. The Daily Meal contacted Starbucks for a congratulatory statement for the happy pair.