This Google Executive Takes 100 Pills Daily to Achieve Immortality


Who knows if Maris’ pill-popping habit will lead to immortality, or simply addiction.

Good news, everyone. We have achieved immortality — or so says Ray Kurzweil, director of Google engineering. Although it sounds like the mad ramblings of an evil scientist (and who knows, maybe he is), he claims that he has unlocked the key to eternal life: All it takes is an extremely rigid diet (which his family adheres to) and 100 pills a day (which we hope his family does not adhere to).

"Life expectancy was 19 a thousand years ago. It was 37 in 1800. Everyone believes in life extension. Somebody comes out with a cure for disease, it’s celebrated. It’s not, ‘Oh, gee, that’s going to forestall death,’” Kurzweil told Entrepreneur Magazine.

Currently, Kurzweil is 67, although he says he feels much younger. He eats berries, smoked salmon, mackerel, and dark chocolate for breakfast, along with 30 pills. He then eats healthily for the rest of the day and pops the other 70 pills, which consist of supplements for heart, eye, sexual, and brain health.


Interestingly, he’s not the only Google executive with his eyes on the immortal prize: Bill Maris, president of Google Ventures, also says he “hopes to live long enough to never die” and also watches his diet. Maris, who just turned 40, could actually easily pass for 30 years old, so who knows? Maybe the world will be run by undying Google presidents one day.