GIF: This Apple Being Dried Out Will Make You Feel Rather Strange

It’s been compared to ‘a man's journey through adulthood’

So it goes. 

Is it just us, or does this time-lapse GIF of an apple being dehydrated make you contemplate your entire life?

For reasons we can’t quite identify, the process makes us a little uncomfortable, even melancholy — and yet, we can’t stop watching.

If you find this forward-looking GIF a little too gloomy, someone reversed this same GIF so that it shows an apple being rehydrated, which does indeed feel a bit more cheerful.

The latter process does seem a lot harder to pull off, but then again, scientists have already figured out how to unboil eggs, so perhaps the future of dehydrated fruit could be bright after all.

If you need some more lighthearted GIFs after this one, live vicariously through this ecstatic man who figured out how to eat and drink while riding a rollercoaster, enjoy this seamless loop of a cake being effortlessly frosted, or check out this strangely compelling, perfectly round egg.  

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