Food Tank’s Food Activist Documentary Premieres at Sundance Film Festival

‘Man in the Maze’ is an award-winning short film that highlights innovative solutions to hunger and food scarcity problems
Food Tank’s Food Activist Documentary Premieres at Sundance Film Festival

The answer to “How do we fix hunger and save the planet,” is long and complicated.

Food Tank, the non-profit food think tank, has just released its first-ever film in partnership with Greener Media: a short documentary called Man in the Maze. The documentary produced by Phil Buccellato and Jesse Ash is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and is one of only five films to win the Sundance Short Film Challenge.

The documentary features advocate Gary Paul Nabhan and offers some solutions to our planet’s growing food crisis: how do we feed a hungry planet, but stop ourselves from destroying the Earth in the process? Throughout the film, Nabhan supports education of sustainable farming, but admits that there’s no “one size-fits all” solution to our problems.

“Twenty-five to 30 percent of all produce we eat year-round comes from border towns,” says Nabhan. “With that is a tremendous amount of food waste, because if prices of Florida tomatoes drop on a certain day, 120,000 pounds may be thrown in the landfill just because of pricing.”

You can watch the short documentary online at the Arizona Daily Star.

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