Floyd Mayweather’s Former Personal Chef Says ‘He Only Ever Saw Me as a Lesbian’

The highest-paid athlete in the world famously paid his personal chef $1,000 a plate, but they have parted ways

Chef Q said some of her boss’ comments were “hurtful and homophobic.”

Do you remember the personal chef who was famously paid $1,000 a plate to cook for the world’s highest-paid athlete, champion boxer Floyd Mayweather? Chef Q apparently parted ways with her cushy kitchen gig sometime after Mayweather famously defeated Manny Pacquiao in a long-awaited match in May 2015. Now, Chef Q is speaking out about the homophobic attitude of her ex-boss.

"I don't think he's ever looked at me past as just a gay person or a lesbian,” Chef Q told TMZ. She said that Mayweather made comments during her tenure that “were hurtful and felt homophobic,” and said she believes this attitude led to a professional falling-out between the two.

She also backtracked on her original $1,000 per plate claims, saying that sometimes she made that much, while other times she was not paid at all.

Q said she wants to have a relationship with Mayweather moving forward but recognizes that they have some issues to resolve.


Mayweather has not responded to press inquiries regarding his former personal chef’s allegations against him.