Did Leonardo DiCaprio Forget His Oscar in a Hollywood Restaurant?

Rumor has it that after Leonardo DiCaprio’s first-ever Oscar win, he almost forgot his golden statue in a Hollywood restaurant

Oscar for ‘The Revenant?’ He should have remembered it.

An Oscar winner and his first golden statue are soon parted, so the saying goes. Leonardo DiCaprio won his first-ever Oscar last weekend for his performance in The Revenant, after fans waited decades for the Academy to recognize the A-list actor’s talents. But in the midst of the glitz and glamor of the after parties, did DiCaprio forget his Oscar at a restaurant?

Security footage says yes, but sources close to the star say “that’s ridiculous.”

After getting his Oscar engraved with his name at the official after party (“Do you guys do this every year? I wouldn’t know,” he famously quipped), DiCaprio, his parents, and a few close friends grabbed a late dinner at Ago in West Hollywood — the Italian restaurant owned by Robert DeNiro.

According to security footage acquired by TMZ, a server ran out of the restaurant after Leo, holding his Oscar statuette, implying that the bachelor actor had accidentally left the golden spoils of his thespian success inside.


But according to Metro UK, these reports are “not true” and his family has “had it” with these rumors. Since DiCaprio’s mom was his date to the Oscars, it’s more likely that a doting mother would never let her son succumb to such forgetfulness.