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Derek Jeter Bought a Fan a Steak Dinner Because He Complimented His Wife

The former Yankees captain picked up the tab for a fan who admired his wife at a steakhouse in Florida

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He has pinstripe pride for his marriage.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, how can I get one of the most famous athletes in the world to buy me a pricey steak dinner? The answer is to compliment his spouse.

Derek Jeter — the now-retired former Yankees shortstop and five-time World Series champion team captain — was approached on New Year’s Eve at Bern’s Steak House in Tampa by an admiring fan… of his wife’s. According to The New York Post’s Page Six, the fan complimented Hannah Jeter, Sports Illustrated model and Derek’s wife, on her beauty.

"Most beautiful in the world," Derek said, agreeing with the fan. He added that marrying her was "the best decision I have ever made."


Derek then made the fan’s night even better by footing the man’s dinner bill at the steakhouse. Talk about a lucky start to the new year!The Jeters got married this summer, almost two years after Derek retired from baseball.