Couple Takes ‘Something Old’ to a New Level by Using Out-of-Date Food for Wedding

Worked with UK charity ReFuse to source the food

The entire wedding had a “waste not” theme, from the invitations made of recycled paper to rings made from reused metal.

A thrifty couple saved money on their wedding while doing good for the environment in one fell swoop.

Kim and Dan Woolnough’s wedding was “catered” by the U.K. charity ReFuse, which sources food from local supermarkets, bakeries, and small businesses that would otherwise be discarded, Yahoo reported.

Wedding guests were served tomato and red pepper soup, followed by a vegetable curry or pasta, and an assortment of desserts. And in line with the “waste-not” theme, the leftover food was given to guests to take home.

“Some of our guests thought it was a bit weird that we were having out-of-date food for the wedding breakfast,” Kim said, “but everyone said it was really tasty. We didn’t want to waste anything so we had to be quite creative.”

The bride wore a secondhand dress, the couple’s rings were made from reused metal, and the wedding invitations were made out of 100 percent recycled paper.


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