This Couple Served Layers of Pizza Instead of a Cake at Their Wedding

Who needs cake when you can serve pizza? That’s what Jess Melara and Tony Sanchez thought when they got married

The upper crust of married couples.

Wedding cakes can be a bit humdrum: Between the heavy fondant and too-sickly-sweet buttercream, there’s a reason why varieties like “naked cakes” are trending. But one couple decided to go even simpler than that and served pizza instead.

Sure, you might be pretty full after the buffet, but how could you resist Jess Melara and Tony Sanchez’s innovative wedding “cake” made of four pizzas layered like tiers of a wedding cake. They even had a cake topper!

“My favorite part was our cake,” the bride wrote in a blog post on her big day. “Tony and I love pizza and aren’t huge fans of cake, so we surprised our guests with Pizza Cake (yes, I said pizza cake!). It was saucy and delicious and what pizza dreams are made of.”


Obviously this Miami wedding was all the rage on the internet, and people are experiencing some serious wedding guest envy or wishing they had come up with this brilliant idea instead of spending tons of cash on their own lavish cake.