Chef José Andrés Announces That He’s Joining Trump’s Campaign as an Immigration Advisor

Chef José Andrés made the controversial announcement this morning on Twitter, shocking his fans and supporters

In a daring move, José Andrés has just added one extra Latino to Trump’s overwhelmingly-white voter base. 

Chef José Andrés (minibar, Jaleo), has announced some pretty big news concerning Donald Trump.In a shocking turn of events, the award-winning Spanish-American immigrant chef, who has previously been involved in a high-profile feud with the Republican frontrunner, Andrés has announced his support for the real estate mogul. Presumably it was a coincidence that this announcement was made on April 1.

The tweet suggests Chef Andrés, a native of Spain and recently became a legal resident of the United States, would be advising Mr. Trump on a number of topics concerning international relations, including immigration, walls, and tourism.

This directly contradicts chef Andrés previous stance on immigration, leading many political analysts to believe that the internationally renowned culinary artist is already a flip-flopper on issues, much like Mr. Trump himself:

Insiders have reason to believe that the famous promised “wall” between Mexico and the United States will be made of paella, and that the new citizenship test will require all prospective Americans to eat through the wall of rice to ensure their freedom.


The Daily Meal has reached out to chef Andrés for a comment on his new political position and how he will source the shrimp for his wall of paella.