The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Demands Domino’s Pizza on Her National Tour

The belligerent teenage girl who got famous on Dr. Phil’s show has a long list of demands on her tour rider

For some reason, this girl has a nationwide tour.

We’re still not sure why the “Cash Me Outside” girl — who infamously threw the entire Dr. Phil show audience some shade — is even getting her own nationwide tour, but we’re not surprised at the ridiculous requests on her rider (the list of accommodations a performer requires of each tour venue).

Danielle Bregolli is asking for $750 a day plus $3,000 to cover security costs and four large Domino’s pizzas to be delivered to her four-star (or better) hotel room, as well as a fruit platter with absolutely no pineapple in it, according to the rider request obtained by TMZ. She also requires a 50-inch TV with Netflix and a DVD player for viewing Paris Hilton in House of Wax (movie subject to change), three fidget spinners, and five Gildan or Fruit of the Loom brand white tank tops. (Bregolli absolutely forbids Hanes brand.)

If all goes well during her two test shows — on July 8 in Fort Lauderdale and July 9 in Houston — LiveNation will book her for a longer tour.


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