Burger King Stays Mum on Controversial Decision to Sponsor Floyd Mayweather

Controversial sports figure Floyd Mayweather received $1 million for his sponsorship by Burger King for the big fight
Burger King Stays Mum on Controversial Decision to Sponsor Floyd Mayweather
Wikimedia Commons/Burger King

Floyd Mayweather, the highest-paid celebrity in the world, has gotten into trouble with the law more than once.

Some say it was the biggest fight in boxing history. Chances are you and everyone you know tuned in to the historic Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight this past weekend. But even after the clear Mayweather victory, which increased his perfect match record to 47–0, there are still controversies surrounding the specifics of the fight of the century. Mayweather received $1 million in sponsorships from Burger King and two other companies, entering the ring with the creepy King mascot not too far behind.

Burger King was one of three companies that sponsored Mayweather, and many are asking why. Major companies have shied away from sponsoring Mayweather in the past because of his history of domestic violence — he has a record of at least seven assaults against five women, all of which have resulted in arrests or summonses.

But despite the controversies surrounding Mayweather’s violent history toward women, Burger King would not comment on why they decided to sponsor the heavyweight champion. The company’s official statement says, “We don’t call him the King for nothing” (referring to the Burger King mascot, not Mayweather).  When Yahoo Sports asked Burger King representatives to elaborate they simply said, “We do not have anything else to contribute at this time.”

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