Bradley Cooper Admits That He Wanted to Be a Chef

The actor and star of Burnt said that he thought chefs were like rock stars when he was younger

Cooper developed a love for food at a young age.

Bradley Cooper is the star of the new movie Burnt — a film about two-star Michelin chef Adam Jones, who owns a restaurant in Paris and is vying for his third star, but is also troubled with a drug addiction and other bad habits.

Well, the actor admitted to E! Online that at one point in his life, he wanted to be a chef.

“I just sort of thought it was cool and that chefs were cool when I was a kid and I just thought that chefs were like rock stars,” Cooper told E! Online. “So I thought maybe I'd be a chef but then I realized really early it's too hot. The pressure is too insane. I also thought I wanted to be a ninja, you know what I mean, but then I realized that I only wanted to play them in movies.”

Cooper previously played a chef role on the television series Kitchen Confidential and said that he has always been fascinated with food.

“Growing up in an Italian household, my grandmother was an incredible cook and we just grew up with basically food being all that we talked about,” Cooper told E! Online. “You either talked about what you were going to eat, what you just ate, and what you're going to eat tomorrow.”


Burnt premiered in theaters on October 30.