Bill Murray Jumps Out Of A Cake For His Last David Letterman Appearance

For his final appearance on David Letterman's run of The Late Show on CBS — which will be taken over by Stephen Colbert in September — comedian Bill Murray chose an elaborate goodbye.

Murray, whom we last saw at a baseball game with Anthony Bourdain and Danny McBride, actually climbs out of a giant cake with the words "Good Bye Dave" on the front.

Then, before sitting down for his final segment, Bill makes sure to smother Dave in a cake-covered hug and emphatically greet a few lucky audience members, who now know what it's like to eat cake out of Bill Murray's hands.

Someone, perhaps Bill himself, had the foresight to outfit him in what looks like an aviator's cap and goggles and a jumpsuit for easy cake removal.

Unluckily for Letterman's cleaning staff, Bill Murray starts his last segment by sitting down squarely in the cloth-covered guest's seat.