Bacon and Avocado Will (Probably) Be the Newest Food Emoji to Grace Our Keyboards

Unicode Consortium is currently sorting through a list of candidates for the next emoji keyboard update: Bacon is one of them

Finally, we will be able to pictorially text our friends about our bacon addiction.

We rallied for, fought, and won the battle of the taco and burrito emoji, which were released on iOS 9.1 last month. Now onto the next food-themed digital hieroglyphic that we’ve been missing from our lives: the bacon emoji.Until now, it’s been impossible to text friends about your favorite processed meat, but that could soon change: According to The New York Times, the Unicode Consortium, the semi-mysterious company that churns out new emoji after every iOS update, is looking to make the bacon emoji a reality.

Bacon is just one of 67 images up for debate at the Unicode Consortium, amongst other must-haves like a groom in a tuxedo, a clown, a shark, and most importantly, an avocado. With the avocado and bacon emoji in circulation we could easily suggest making avocado toast to our friends, or profess our love for arguably the most celebrated breakfast food of all time. Or we could use our new emoji to make the ultimate digital bacon avocado sandwich.

The vote for the newest batch of emoji will take place in May 2016, and would go into effect in late June.