Atlanta Braves Introduce Insane Double Decker Burger Pizza and Energy Drink-Infused Rib Sandwich to Skeptical Fans

The Atlanta Braves have introduced this season’s new concessions and each menu item is more heart-stopping than the last

Are the Atlanta Braves looking to give their fans heart attacks before the season even begins?

Last year, we reported the new trend of questionably unhealthy ballpark concessions around the nation, including the over-the-top Krispy Kreme doughnut bacon hot dog.But this year, stadiums seem to be getting ahead of the game with even more out-of-the-ballpark menu items. 

The Atlanta Braves just announced their new concessions for SunTrust Park including a sandwich ominously dubbed “The Punisher:” Rib meat slathered in cheese and a Monster energy drink-infused BBQ sauce.

In case that’s not quite enough of a coronary for you, Fox Sports announced the rest of the meat-heavy, artery-clogging concessions menu this season, including T.E.D. (The Everything Dog—a hot dog topped with chili, cheese, tortilla chips, jalapenos, French fries and popcorn on a pretzel bun).

There’s also the incredible double-decker “Burgerizza,” a bacon cheeseburger slammed between two pepperoni pizzas, as well as The Braves rendition of the popular Southern snack, Fritos pie, available with Fritos or Doritos.

In case you feel like these concessions are striking out, there’s always the new loaded shrimp roll which seems comparatively normal.


Play ball! (But first, take a couple of antacid).