Arby’s Makes Farewell Sandwich for Jon Stewart’s Final Episode of ‘The Daily Show’

The meaty sandwich chain made a sandwich called the Daily Deli in honor of Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart has scrutinized Arby's on his show — jokingly, of course.

We’re all sad to see Jon Stewart end his 16-year reign as host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central — and so is Arby’s.

The sandwich chain posted this heartfelt goodbye video for the comedian, saying, “This is the last sandwich Arby’s ever wanted to make, because it means he’s really leaving…” The sandwich, rightfully dubbed the Daily Deli, and is double corned beef with deli mustard on rye.

For years, Stewart poked fun at the sandwich chain, and Arby’s made another video to commemorate some of the highlights. For example, Stewart said, “Why not challenge your stomach to a fight?” and “You think pain and grief are hard to digest…” while “Thank You for Being a Friend’ plays in the background.

These videos are part of fake ads by Arby's scheduled to air during Stewart’s last episodes on The Daily Show. The Wall Street Journal reports that Arby’s is not buying ad time for the show, but will somehow be a part of the finale.

Arby’s farewell commercial says, “[the sandwich is] for Jon, but also, it’s for all of us to eat at Arby’s when the sad thoughts come back.” But we shouldn’t be sad because, “It’s not goodbye, it’s a sandwich.”

The final episode of The Daily Show airs August 6.