Apparently Hillary Clinton Didn’t Leave Anything in the Tip Jar at Chipotle

People were fascinated that Hillary Clinton went unnoticed on her New York Chipotle jaunt, but now managers say she did not tip

Is it a big deal that Hillary Clinton did not tip at Chipotle?

Hillary Clinton made waves this week when, shortly after her 2016 presidential campaign announcement, she took a trip to the Maumee, Ohio, Chipotle. Initially, the Twitterverse was baffled that no one recognized the well-known Democrat leader, but now, the manager at the Chipotle in question has admitted that not only did Clinton not pay for her own lunch (Huma Abedin, the vice chairwoman of her presidential campaign, took care of that), but she did not leave a tip in the tip jar.

The order, a chicken burrito bowl, chicken salad, blackberry Izzy, and a soda, came to $20, and Abedin left $21, which, last time we checked, totally counts as a tip.

"We get a bunch of tips," said manager Charles Wright, who only realized that the customer had been the presidential candidate after news organizations began calling, told Bloomberg, and later clarified that he didn’t care if she left a tip or not. “If we're doing our job right, people tip."


Talking head Rush Limbaugh was extremely interested in Clinton’s tipping habits, saying on his show, "That’s where the people that work at Chipotle, that's where they make a little extra, in the tip jar, and I haven't heard a word about whether or not she visited the tip jar, whether she put anything in it or not."