Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Mind of a Chef’ Is Back This Fall with Gabrielle Hamilton and David Kinch

This season’s ‘Mind of a Chef’ documentary-style TV series follows two prestigious chefs in their kitchens and beyond

The show will take you inside the minds of chef Hamilton and chef Kinch.

The Emmy Award-winning documentary TV series Mind of a Chef, produced by Anthony Bourdain, is coming back this fall. The fourth season of the PBS series will feature the culinary talents and kitchen stories of Prune’s Gabrielle Hamilton, and Manresa’s David Kinch.

Chef Hamilton will be featured in the first half of the 16-episode season, and chef Kinch will appear during the latter half. Both chefs join an already-impressive roster of Mind of a Chef featured chefs, including David Chang, Ed Lee, and Sean Brock.

“What viewers may find surprising in these episodes is how much mental space and energy is taken up by attending to the cleaning and the refrigeration and the payroll and the garbage removal and the recycling and the plumbing and the pest control and the staff,” chef Hamilton told The Daily Meal. “I expect these episodes will reveal that you don't just have the luxury of meditating all day on how you are going to dress the lettuces."

Besides the running of the garbage disposal, chef Hamilton’s episodes will feature exciting guest appearances from Jacques Pépin, Mario Batali, and Daniel Boulud. Viewers will not only visit her kitchen at Prune in the East Village, but will also get a sense of her Pennsylvania roots and see her travel to Rome and Milan in search of authentic ingredients.

If you’re hungry for more and can’t wait until the season premiere on September 5, watch the trailer below.