Actress Jamie Chung Hooked Her Husband on SPAM

The ‘Once Upon a Time’ actress grew up on the canned meat and got her husband hooked on it too

“I grew up on SPAM,” she told Page Six.

Actress Jamie Chung’s husband Bryan Greenberg has embraced what The Daily Meal has always known to be true: It’s time to stop worrying and give Spam a chance. Spam — the canned meat product that has long enjoyed a devoted following in Hawaii and several Asian countries — is also known to gross out many who are unfamiliar with it.

But Jamie Chung (Real World, Once Upon a Time) told Page Six recently that it’s a huge part of her Korean-American upbringing, and she even hooked Greenberg (One Tree Hill) on the stuff.

“At first he was like ‘Hmm, I don’t know,’ and then I gave him SPAM musubi [SPAM, rice and nori] and he was like, ‘Oh my God. This is delicious,’” she said.

The couple takes SPAM with them on road trips and hikes.


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