Actress Candice Bergen Embraces Weight Gain and Says, ‘I Live to Eat’

Sitcom actress Candice Bergen says she’s embraced her 30-pound weight gain and doesn’t mind ‘being fat’

Finally an actress we can all relate to… one who loves carbs!

If you ever want to feel bad about yourself and your diet/fitness habits, pick up a celebrity gossip magazine. Most of Hollywood seems to be gripped by a carb-free, raw, juicing craze that makes us wince and immediately regret last night’s pizza. (We’re looking at you, Gwyneth and Jessica.) But Candice Bergen, 68, star of the ‘90s sitcom Murphy Brown, is on our side. She recently acknowledged that she not only gained 30 pounds over the past 15 years, but that she’s completely embraced it.

"I live to eat. None of this 'eat to live' stuff for me,” she writes in her new memoir, A Fine Romance. “I am a champion eater. No carb is safe — no fat, either."

We hear you, Candice. Of course, carbs and fats are addictive, but there’s nothing wrong with living a balanced, yet indulgent lifestyle. Bergen compares her eating habits to those of the rest of her Hollywood comrades:


"At a recent dinner party I shared bread and olive oil, followed by chocolate ice cream with my husband," Bergen said in her memoir. "A woman near me looked at me, appalled, and I thought, 'I don't care'... [Thin women] maintain their weight by routinely vomiting after major meals consisting of a slice of steak or a filet of fish. I am incapable of this."