Your ‘90s Childhood Favorite Dunkaroos Might Disappear From Shelves Forever

Dunkaroos were discontinued in the US in 2012, and are now only available in Canada: Can General Mills save the ‘90s snack?

Along with Gushers and Crystal Pepsi, Dunkaroos were one of the most popular snacks of the ‘90s.

Millennials everywhere are reliving their childhood with snacks like the Hi-C Ecto-Cooler and Crystal Pepsi. Dunkaroos — the popular cookies that came with a pack of dippable frosting — disappeared from shelves in 2012 but the sweet treat has been kept alive in Canada by General Mills and Betty Crocker.

In an effort to keep the brand going in America, Dunkaroos launched a “Smugglaroos” campaign through where Americans craving dippable, kangaroo-shaped cookies can get their hands on some through enterprising Canadians (for as much as $70 for a pack of 12). If the made-over product doesn’t meet with success in Canada, it could face the same fate as the American line.


We got a chance to try the Dunkaroos, reinvented and repackaged by Betty Crocker. The cookie is larger and sturdier than we remember and tastes less like a Graham cracker than it used to. The frosting itself was cloyingly sweet with the texture and taste of Funfetti icing. Is it different now? Sure, but that could be because we’re no longer 10 years old.