You Can Now Order Food Directly Through Facebook

Facebook is testing out a food delivery service that can be accessed directly through the website or app

As if we didn’t waste too much time on Facebook already.

Have you seen a little hamburger icon show up on your Facebook newsfeed? You’re probably one of thousands of users for whom Facebook is gradually rolling out a few feature: food delivery. In the past, brands like Pizza Hut and Burger King have enabled ordering via Facebook Messenger. However, this is the first time you can directly order food off the Facebook website or app.

In the fall we reported that Facebook would soon be rolling out a food delivery feature, but now it’s finally here. Just click the “Order Food” button next to the hamburger icon and you’ll be directed to a list of participating nearby restaurants.

Although the selection is not nearly as expansive as Seamless or GrubHub, the whole thing — powered by and Slice — makes for a streamlined social experience that starts with the click of a button and ends with you most likely bragging about your Taco Tuesday order on Facebook.


Facebook could become a serious competitor for the current food delivery giants. As CNBC reported, shares of Grubhub dropped 3.5 percent after Facebook made the announcement of the new feature on Friday.