You Can Now Order Chocolate on Demand at the Touch of a Button

Amazon made a Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button for random boxes of assorted chocolates

This will probably be the most important addition to your “chocolate emergency” toolkit.

Getting over a break-up? Had a bad day at work? Simply can’t get your sweet tooth off your mind? Now you can order chocolate on demand at the push of a button thanks to Amazon’s new Prime Surprise Sweets Dash Button. This feature follows in the footsteps of the equally indulgent Pizza Button, which allows you to order Domino’s in much the same way.

Dash Buttons are real-life buttons that connect to your Amazon account via Wi-Fi and let you order essentials like toilet paper, garbage bags, and laundry detergent. But Amazon has since expanded the definition of “essentials” to include a random box of small-batch chocolates. Samples resemble monthly subscription boxes and can include artisanal chocolate bars, whoopie pies, almond toffee, peanut butter macaroons, and Belgian chocolate popcorn.


The price of convenience does not come cheap. though: Each touch of the Surprise Sweets Dash Button costs $18, and will deliver "top-notch artisanal treats from across the nation."