You Can Now Join This Exclusive Dinner Club for Free

The New York dining club, Dinner Lab, just relaunched with a new tiered membership: Now you can join for free

Now you don’t have to jump through financial hoops for access to exclusive dining events like this one.

Dinner Lab is best described as a pop-up dinner series, or an experimental members-only supper club. The one-night only events are hosted at various cities across the country featuring a variety of unique locations, intriguing menus, and up-and-coming chefs. The latest feature from Dinner Lab is the tiered membership model, where members can join for free.

The dinners cost on average, $65 per person, but now you don’t have to pay anything to get your foot in the door, and can purchase events a la carte instead.

“Dinner Lab always feature an up-and-coming chef, a minimum of a five-course tasting menu around something that tells a personal story of the chef, and alcohol,” Dinner Lab Co-Founder and CEO Brian Bordainick told The Daily Meal. “Those events can be anything from five-course home-cooked Moroccan meals inspired by a chef’s parents, to creative plays on things that our chefs’ are passionate about like a 10-course tasting menu based on chapter 22 of Moby Dick.”

Select members (those who pay for premium membership) get discounts on dinners and more advance notification of events.

When the tiered membership launched in New York last week, new and returning members experienced a dinner curated by Chef Alfonso Torres, "Me Acuerdo: memories of Puerto Rico, with love for the plantain." His menu was inspired by his memories of his homeland, as well as his abuela’s food.


“We typically work with aspiring chefs; these are the number two, threes, and fours at major restaurants who have the technical skill to be a head chef, but haven’t been given the opportunity to shine yet,” Bordainick added.