You Can Now Buy Marijuana-Infused Nutella and Peanut Butter

Chrontella (weed-infused Nutella) is the newest product from the Canadian company that brought you pot-laced peanut butter
Cannabis Cocoa in a hazelnut haze: What more could we ask out of life?

Wikimedia Commons

Cannabis Cocoa in a hazelnut haze: What more could we ask out of life?

Now that marijuana is becoming accepted and legalized in more areas around the world, we’re starting to see more creative cannabis-inspired products like weed-infused coffee and marijuana-flavored vodka. The “green-friendly” product you’ve all been waiting for is finally here: marijuana-infused Nutella.

Creatively named Chrontella, you can unfortunately only get this potent spreadable edible at select stores in Canada.

The makers of Chrontella also make PIF, a peanut butter infused with cannabis, as well as Smokers strawberry jam, also made with marijuana, according to Metro UK.

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In case you were wondering, unlike the weed vodka, Chrontella products actually are potent and contains 300 mg of cannabis extract throughout the jar. The jar, which contain approximately three servings, will cost you a pretty penny: $23 ($17.5 USD). Apparently getting high as a kite on sugar and marijuana at the same time is not cheap.