You Can Now Buy Alcoholic Ice Cream in Stores: Tipsy Scoop Is on the Shelves

Tipsy Scoop, known for their ice cream mixed with vodka, whiskey, tequila, and more, will now be available in specialty stores

Get your drink on and satiate your ice cream fix at the same time!

This is the best news we’ve heard in a while: alcoholic ice cream is now in stores. No, this isn’t some wimpy chocolate rum ball-flavored soft serve we’re talking about. Tipsy Scoop ice cream flavors are made with vodka, tequila, whiskey, and more, and you actually have to be 21 to purchase them. Previously, you had to go Tipsy Scoop’s brick and mortar catering location on Park Avenue and 114th Street in New York City. But now, several specialty stores around New York sell Tipsy Scoop, including Malt & Mold in Gramercy, Dépanneur, Urban Market of Williamsburg, and Hops & Hocks; the ice cream will also soon be available at Foragers in Chelsea.

“I thought some of the liquor-infused creations caterers came up with were so innovative and unique,” founder Melissa Tavss said in a statement. “I have always loved ice cream and the ice cream tradition actually runs in my family! I started experimenting with adding different liquors and spirits to my ice cream recipes from there.”


Each carton ice cream of is 5 percent alcohol by volume, so you probably won’t get too drunk (unless you eat the whole thing). Flavors change seasonally, but right now you can indulge in dark chocolate whiskey and salted caramel, cake batter vodka martini, and spiked hazelnut coffee. Summer selections include tequila Mexican “hot” chocolate and vanilla bean bourbon. Nowhere near New York? Try making your own boozy ice cream or ice pops with these recipes.