You Can Finally Order Shake Shack Online With the New Mobile App

Shake Shack just announced a brand new app for iOS that will allow customers to order and pay ahead of time

No more dreadfully long waits for upscale fast-food burgers again. 

Have you ever wanted to get Shake Shack for lunch but dreaded the long lines that wrap practically around the block around noon? Finally, there’s an app for that. Shake Shack just announced its first-ever phone app, just for Apple devices.

You can skip the lines by ordering burgers and shakes ahead of time and paying via the mobile app, too, according to Eater. The Android app is coming later.

The app was first tested out in New York City this October and is now available nationwide in the App Store in New York City boroughs, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, and Minneapolis. Unfortunately, you can’t get the app yet if you’re in Shake Shack’s Southern market, like Austin, Dallas, or Atlanta.


You can also illustrate your love of Shake Shack (even if the app isn’t available in your city yet)  via the Shake Shack stickers app.