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Yelp’s New Feature Helps Users Find Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

As with the rest of Yelp’s features, the new option is crowdsourced and may take time to deliver the most accurate results

Kanok Sulaiman / Shutterstock

In the past year, 59 percent of transgender adults in America have avoided using public restrooms, according to a survey from the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Through Yelp, you can filter restaurant locations by price, outdoor seating, and even by PokéStops nearby. Now the company has added a new feature that allows users to search locations based on the availability of gender-neutral bathrooms.

The new feature launched shortly after the Trump administration rescinded protective guidelines for transgender students that allowed them to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity, The New York Times reported.

“This isn’t the first time that we’ve spoken out about social issues, but this is the first time that we have married doing something on our platform around the social justice support of the LGBTQ community,” Rachel Williams, who leads diversity and inclusion efforts at Yelp, told The New York Times.

Last week, Yelp also joined 52 other tech companies in signing a Supreme Court amicus brief to support Gavin Grimm, a transgender boy who filed a lawsuit against his school for denying him the use of the boys’ bathroom, according to Tech Crunch.


Additional resources to find safe, gender-neutral restroom access include the websites Refuge Restrooms and Safe Bathrooms Club.