Write a 200-Word Essay For a Chance to Own This Café in Indiana

Bob and Angie Freeman are looking for new owners to take over their restaurant

The Freemans opened their café in Clay City back in 1958.

If you’ve ever wanted to own a restaurant, all you have to do is tell this café’s owners why exactly you should take over.

Bob and Angie’s Hometown Café in Clay City, Indiana, is now accepting 200-word essays, wherein people can explain why exactly they should become the new owners. Current owners Bob and Angie Freeman opened the café in 1958 and feel that it’s time to retire it to someone else.

“I was just 21 years old and I knew I had the drive and desire and could work a lot of hours and knew I could succeed if I worked hard at it,” Bob Freeman told WTHITV10 News.

So, if you want to take over this café, all you have to do is fill out this form, deposit a $150 essay fee, and write a maximum of 200 words. The Freemans will choose the top 20 entries, and then have two non-related judges pick the first and second runner-ups.

All essays are due on January 31, 2016, and the final winner will be chosen on or before February 25, 2016.


“…If it wasn’t for all of our customers we wouldn’t be here,” Bob Freeman told WTHITV10 News. “So it’s an opportunity to give that to someone else.”