The World’s First Inflatable KFC Debuts for the Holidays

KFC’s latest marketing gimmick involves a blow-up fast-food restaurant in Portland, Oregon

But does the food taste good? We hope they’re not full of hot air. 

KFC’s latest marketing ploy is an inflatable franchise staffed by none other than the Colonel himself in Portland, Oregon.

The inflatable restaurant, opened Dec. 21, looks like a giant bouncy house, but unfortunately does not actually sell food.  Instead, people waited in line for the Colonel (along with his “chicken carolers”) to hand out inflatable drumsticks and gift cards to everyone standing in line. A bit of a bummer to all of us who were picturing an inflatable deep-fryer somewhere in the back.

The blow-up KFC was inflated thanks to the “magic of Facebook likes,” according to a press release. Presumably that means the more social media engagement Portland’s quirky marketing idea received, the more the Colonel Sanders lookalike would blow up the “restaurant.”


If you really want to experience the joy of an inflatable restaurant, you can rent an inflatable Irish pub, complete with Irish dishes and plenty of beer.