Woman Stabs Boyfriend Because He Ate All the Salsa

To be fair, they probably had some other issues to work out

Flickr/jeffreyw/CC 4.0

Next time, ask. (Photo Modified: Flickr/jeffreyw/CC 4.0)

Phyllis D. Jefferson, a resident of Canton, Ohio, faces a number of charges, including felonious assault, for “stabbing her boyfriend because he ate all of their salsa,” according to Cleveland.com.

Jefferson reportedly noticed that her boyfriend had eaten all of the salsa around 5:30 p.m., and then proceeded to stab her companion with a pen in the left side of his pelvis. Next, Jefferson went after her boyfriend’s television set, attempting to knock it to the ground.

Although he managed to catch it before it hit the ground, Jefferson had by then grabbed a small kitchen knife, and stabbed him in the stomach. She then attempted to flee the scene, but police eventually caught up to her.

Police subsequently took the victim to Akron General Medical Center for treatment.

Although this, sadly, is not the only time that eating something at the wrong time led to a stabbing — remember the boy stabbed over leftover pork chops and the man who tried to eat pasta before it was ready? — it does illustrate a lesson that everyone must learn. If you didn’t buy it, never be the person who finishes it. On the other hand, sharing is an important part of relationships that Ms. Jefferson may soon learn is also an important part of incarcerated life.


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