Woman Discovers Cocaine Inside Sealed Nature Valley Granola Bar

General Mills says it is confident that the drugs were not packaged with the bar at a company facility

The woman initially thought that she won a prize. 

A woman in San Antonio, Texas, got slightly more than she paid for when she opened her Nature Valley granola bar to reveal a small green bag of cocaine, decorated with dollar signs.

Cynthia Rodriguez reportedly thought she had won a prize and contacted General Mills, who told her to alert the police.

Upon investigation, authorities determined that the substance was cocaine, and are now attempting to determine how the drugs made their way inside a sealed food product. 

A spokesman for General Mills told The Associated Press that the company does not believe that the cocaine was packed with the bar at a company facility, but declined to state where the bar might have been packaged.


Earlier this month, police in Berlin, Germany were shocked to discover that a number of locations of the grocery store Aldi contained individual packages of cocaine hidden within banana boxes. The sum of the find was the largest cocaine supply ever uncovered by Berlin police.