Woman Claims Jesus Will Pay Her Seafood Buffet Bill, Gets Arrested

A woman in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, who spent four hours at a seafood buffet was arrested by police after telling them that her bill would be paid by Jesus.

51-year-old April Lee Yates was initially asked by management to leave the buffet after causing a disturbance, but the restaurant called for police assistance when it became clear that the woman would not pay her bill.

When police arrived and spoke with Yates, she confirmed that she did not have any money. When asked who she thought would pick up the tab, Yates reportedly explained to police that Jesus would pay her bill.

Unfortunately, police opted not to wait around to see if it was true, and arrested Yates. She has been charged with defrauding a restaurant by knowingly eating there without any (earthly) way to pay for her four-hour meal.

Yates is being held at Myrtle Beach Jail.