Woman Buys 23-Pound, 100-Year-Old Lobster to Set It Free

This vegan activist spent more than $200 to rescue the lobster

A 23-pound, almost 4-foot-long lobster named King Louie was caught in the Bay of Fundy in Canada and given a second chance at life when a vegan from Nova Scotia purchased him to release back into the ocean.

The lobster was for sale at the Alma Lobster Shop in southern New Brunswick, Canada, co-owned by Catherine MacDonald, who said the crustacean was possibly a century old.

“It’s beautiful,” MacDonald told The Globe and Mail in a phone interview Tuesday. “For a lobster to be 23 pounds and to be that large, there was nothing else that was going to be a predator – except man.”

The vegan woman who bought King Louie, Katie Conklin, purchased the lobster for $230. He was then returned to the ocean in a fishing vessel similar to the one he was initially picked up on.

“It went full circle,” MacDonald said. “It was released on a vessel out in the Bay of Fundy in front of the village.”

Another possibly century-old lobster dubbed “Larry” also made headlines this summer when he was purchased in Sunrise, Florida to live in the Maine State Aquarium, but died in transit, The State reported. 

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