Wisconsin Woman Breaks Into Home, Steals Cheese and Beer, Leaves Cellphone

Wisconsin Woman Breaks Into Home, Steals Cheese and Beer, Leaves Cellphone

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

The burglar was easily distracted by the promise of perfume and snacks. 

A woman was arrested this week after breaking into a home in Madison, Wisconsin, to commit burglary, taking the victim’s laptop, as well as some of his cheese and beer.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, 37-year-old Kelly L. Mayer broke into a man’s home and managed to cover herself in some perfume she found, and put the man’s laptop in her backpack before she was discovered.

Arriving home to find Mayer attempting to keep his door closed, the homeowner pushed her outside and took her bag.

“She responded by eating a chunk of cheese,” Joel DeSpain, a spokesman for the police, told the Journal. “Cheese that had been in the victim’s refrigerator.”

Mayer attempted to evade police, but was quickly identified by witnesses. “They not only spotted her hiding, they could smell her,” DeSpain said.

In the woman’s pockets, police also found some electronics stolen from the home, along with an unopened can of Guinness. Later, when police were taking inventory, Mayer asked about her cellphone, which was missing.

When police called the number, “back at the victim’s home a phone began to ring inside a living room cabinet.”

The pungent robber is being held on a tentative charge of burglary. 

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