Win a Lunch with Social Media Legend ‘Crazy Jewish Mom’ in New York City

Bid on a lunch from the most famous matchmaking mom on Instagram, which we bet comes with free relationship advice

Think of all the wisdom you could gain from a single lunch with the one and only Crazy Jewish Mom.

As part of its 40th anniversary, the TJ Martell Foundation — a New York City-based non-profit organization responsible for groundbreaking research in the fields of leukemia, cancer, and AIDS — is auctioning off a lunch with the infamous Instagram legend, “Crazy Jewish Mom.”

As you might recall from a viral BuzzFeed post that has seen her popularity skyrocket, CJM is the mother of writer Kate Siegel and is known for reminding her daughter of her guiding relationship principle, “no ring on the finger, you must not linger.”

Other popular topics of discussion between mother and daughter have included CJM’s undying hatred of her daughter’s Brooklyn apartment which she’s named “the deathtrap,” helpful tips on hiding new clothes from Kate’s dad (hide them in a dry-cleaning bag), and marathon viewings of Law & Order: SVU.


I mean, at this point why not? #crazyjewishmom

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Seigel’s mother has also famously made a regular habit of pretending to be her daughter on a number of dating apps in order to line up potential mates, in case her current relationship doesn’t pan out.



If you think you might benefit from the timeless words of wisdom that the social media star can’t help but dole out with every waking breath, you have one final day to bid on lunch with Kate and her “crazy Jewish mom” Kim Friedman, who also happens to be an accomplished Hollywood director.