Will New Pancakes Be Enough to Give Denny’s an Edge?

Revamped recipe features “fresh buttermilk, real eggs, flour, and a hint of vanilla”
Denny's Pancake Breakfast


Here for the pancakes: company asserts its new pancakes might give your homemade favorite a run for its money.

In an effort to capture the growing American breakfast crowd, Denny’s has revamped its pancake recipe. The site reads, “Our old pancakes were fine, but America deserved better.”

The revamped recipe features “fresh buttermilk, real eggs, flour, and a hint of vanilla,” embracing the demand from consumers for better-tasting food with real ingredients, USA Today reported. The pancakes are reportedly 50 percent fluffier and might give your favorite homemade pancakes a run for their money.

Changing the pancake recipe took three years, and the ingredients required to make the new pancakes costs franchisees $5 million more.

“Good isn't good enough anymore for the average American,” said Sharon Lykins, senior director of product innovation for Denny's. “The customers liked [the pancakes] fine. But there wasn't anything special about them that said, ‘I’ve gotta go to Denny's to have pancakes.’”

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