Wikimedia Commons: Ryan E. Poplin

Wild Bear Breaks Into a Pie Shop and Gobbles Up 38 Pies, Skips Out on Strawberry Rhubarb

A bear broke into the Colorado Cherry Company pie shop and left a mess of everything, eating almost every pie in the shop

Wikimedia Commons: Ryan E. Poplin

The discerning bear didn’t have the palate for tart rhubarb, it seems.

This bear has one mighty sweet tooth. The Colorado Cherry Company pie shop is reporting that a black bear, presumably from the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, broke in and helped itself to 38 pies, managing to devour 24 cherry pies and 14 apple pies and making a mess of the entire shop.The bear climbed through the pie shop’s front window early Tuesday morning, breaking the glass in the process.

“He just made his way right in,” owner Kristi Lehnert told the local Fox affiliate.Hopped on top of the ovens and hopped down and had a feast.”

This real life Yogi Bear almost cleaned shop, according to owner Kristi Lehnert, but left the strawberry rhubarb selection alone entirely.


There was a trail of sugar and cherries outside the shop, suggesting that the unwanted furry guest took some pies to-go. Colorado Cherry Company is up and running after an extensive cleanup, according to Lehnert, and now she has a wild tale to tell future customers.