White Castle hopes to avoid any issues before they start.

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White Castle Voluntarily Posts Entire Health History Online to Avoid Chipotle-Like Disaster

White Castle has launched WhiteCastleClean.com with the health grades and safety standards of every one of its restaurants

We know that Chipotle is initiating an entire damage-control campaign following its food safety scandal in Fall 2015, but what are other brands in the fast casual category doing to prevent their own E. coli crisis?White Castle has one answer: The burger brand has launched WhiteCastleClean.com, a website that lists all of the health inspection information from each of its restaurants, and neat little infographics touting, in detail, White Castle’s food safety policies.

“The commitment to food safety, cleanliness and total transparency in our efforts are critical aspects of serving our customers,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle in a statement. “As we celebrate our 95th birthday, we are reaffirming our commitment to these values and I can think of no greater commitment than to be the first restaurant to offer our health scores online.”

White Castle did not mention Chipotle in the lengthy press release that detailed its health history, but instead indirect references to the issues experienced by the burrito chain stated that, “White Castle has been an innovator and leading advocate for food safety and cleanliness initiatives in the restaurant industry.”

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Apparently, the White in White Castle is also supposed to be emblematic of cleanliness, while the Castle stands for strength. 

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