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Which State is the Most Pizza-Obsessed? New York Doesn’t Even Crack the Top Five

Estately released statistics on the most pizza-abundant regions of the United States: Where does your state stand?

Can you guess which states are the most obsessed with pizza?

Pizza is probably America’s most beloved food. After all, on any given day, one in eight Americans indulges in a pie or a slice. But just because we’re crust-obsessed doesn’t mean all pizza love affairs are created equal. Estately, a real estate website, put together an infographic depicting the regions of America that are the most pizza-obsessed by tallying the number of pizzerias per capita. The map shows a heavy pizza concentration in the Northeast, unsurprisingly, but the pizza appreciation drops off precipitously in the South and in California.

The most pizza obsessed states, in ascending order are:

5. Nevada: Likely due to the amount of tourists who travel to Las Vegas in search of great eats that pair well with partying.[slideshow:

4. Ohio: Where nearly 20 percent of all restaurants serve pizza.

3. New Jersey: Strangely enough, New Jersey beat out New York for this one.

2. Delaware: Delaware is conveniently shaped like a slice of pizza.

1. West Virginia: Where there’s one pizzeria for every 1,210 people in the state. This state also Googles the word “pepperoni” the most.

And the states that seem to say “arrivederci” to pizza are:

50. Hawaii: This was a surprise considering how popular (and divisive) Hawaiian pizza is.

49. Mississippi: The state with the highest obesity rate has the lowest number of pizzerias per capita. Go figure.

48. Louisiana: They’re probably too busy eating po’ boys to care about pizza.

47: Alabama: The South really doesn’t have a penchant for pies.

46: Utah: Utah cracks the bottom five in this pizza percentile ranking, but Utah denizens have the top Google searches for “free pizza.”

As for Internet pizza habits, Rhode Island Googles “pizza” more than any other state, and Californians are Googling for “gluten-free pizza” more than any other state, despite being one of the 10 least enthusiastic pizza states in the union. 

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