Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Hourly Wages?

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Business Insider crunched wage statistics from Glassdoor and came up with a list of the top 10 most lucrative jobs in fast food
Which Fast Food Chain Has the Best Hourly Wages?

At the highest-paid fast food position you can flip and serve burgers for more than $11 an hour, on average.

As the Fight for 15 continues to drive a wedge between fast food executives and their penny-scraping workers, certain battles have been won on the side of the minimum wage employees. For instance, McDonald’s announced last week that it would raise the wages of workers at corporate-owned restaurants. But if you had to work in fast food, what would be your most lucrative option? Business Insider published a list of the 10 highest-paying jobs in fast food using data from reviews at Glassdoor.

The best-paying fast food job is, perhaps unsurprisingly, burger associate at In-N-Out. On average, In-N-Out hourly employees receive $11.17 an hour. The second-place job — counter help at Panda Express — trailed behind at $9.01 an hour, followed by Chipotle crew members, who make $8.78; Panera Bread cashiers at $8.40 hourly; and Noodles & Company noodle ambassadors ($8.31 per hour). We would give In-N-Out and Noodles & Company extra points for creative job titles; who wouldn’t want to be a noodle ambassador?

All McDonald’s “would you like fries with that?” jokes aside, McDonald’s fry cooks, with the added wage boost, are better off in comparison to many other fast food employees. They round out the list at number 10, making $8.07 per hour. 

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