This Is What Happens to Your Body After Eating One Slice of Pepperoni Pizza

A new infographic from Cosmopolitan breaks down exactly what happens to your body after consuming a slice of pizza
This Is What Happens to Your Body After Eating One Slice of Pepperoni Pizza


You won’t actually experience any long-term effects from indulging in a greasy slice… we promise.

Pepperoni pizza may be the quintessential takeout order, but did you ever wonder what all of that processed meat, cheese, and carb-overload is doing to your body? Cosmopolitan put together a neat infographic to illustrate exactly what happens to your body within minutes and hours of consuming a slice of pepperoni pizza.We know from experience that these infographics can be alarming and a little misleading (remember the Coca-Cola infographic that turned out to be inaccurate?), so keep that in mind before turning down that greasy slice.

On average, each pepperoni slice contains 311 calories, 701 mg of sodium, and 13.5 grams of fat. Once you start biting into that slice your body starts to break the carbs down into sugars. Within 10 to 15 minutes, the sugar hits your bloodstream, you feel more sluggish and your belly might start to bloat from residual gasses.

Within 15 to 20 minutes of eating, your leptin levels (the hormone that tells your body to stop eating) begin to rise, and if you keep eating, the energy will be stored as fat in your liver. Within 30 minutes, levels of triglycerides rise, which over time could contribute to clogged arteries. Within an hour your “blood pressure spikes dramatically,” and only until hours after you finish off the last bite of pepperoni do your levels return to normal.


We wonder what happens if you consume a slice of sausage pizza?