Wendy’s is Targeting Hardcore Sriracha Fans in its Latest Campaign

It’s more than a sauce, it’s a lifestyle

The Sriracha trend at Wendy’s is only available for a limited time.

Wendy’s and VML , a digital marketing and advertising  agency, are collaborating on a new campaign, which officially launched on Dec. 5, promoting Wendy’s take on the sriracha trend.

The digital campaign features Wendy’s latest menu items: Spicy Sriracha Chicken Sandwich and Bacon Sriracha Fries. The sandwich includes sriracha-infused toasted buns, jack cheese, and aïoli, while the Bacon Sriracha Fries involve a creamy sriracha aïoli on natural-cut sea salt French fries, Yahoo reported.

"When you see someone walking around with a keychain that has a bottle of sriracha on it, it's a pretty big indicator that this thing is significant — it's not one of those things like ketchup that's ubiquitous but it's also not one of those things that no one's heard of," Brandon Rhoten, vp of advertising, media and digital at Wendy's, told Adweek. "It's kind of mainstream, but hardcore mainstream."

The digital campaign on YouTube includes a three-part “Sriracha in Everything” series that includes two scientists who experiment with sriracha in watermelons and model volcanoes.

Wendy’s will also team up with BuzzFeed and IFC to push sriracha-filled ads and content during the campaign.


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