Wegmans’ Scrapple Ice Cream: Was It Real or Fake?

This photo of scrapple ice cream, supposedly sold by Wegmans, has fortunately been debunked as a fake
Fortunately, this is one bizarre ice cream trend we won’t have to endure.

Wikimedia Commons

Fortunately, this is one bizarre ice cream trend we won’t have to endure.

We’ve heard of ketchup and mayo ice cream, and even fried chicken ice cream was a temporary gimmick at a food festival in Japan. But is the world ready for scrapple-flavored ice cream?  Scrapple is a Pennsylvania Dutch load of pork scraps and mush, usually fried before it’s served. The dish may be popular in the Mid-Atlantic, but even die-hard scrapple fans were grossed out when they saw a picture of Wegmans’ scrapple ice cream making the rounds.

Thankfully though, the product has been confirmed as a fake. Western Pennsylvania media contacted Wegman’s to confirm or deny the existence of this questionable frozen treat. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the Photoshopped image.

“Ice cream with…what?”  a bewildered Wegman’s representative told Billy Penn. “Can you send me the pic?”

Good news though: There’s a distillery in Delaware that sells scrapple-flavored vodka.

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